Great showing for Defending Champions Pihlaja (SNX) and Cottew (WSNX) in Finland

JOENSUU (Finland) 14 April 2024 – The FIM Snowcross World Championship heated up in Joensuu, Finland, as riders battled it out in intense qualifying sessions, setting the stage for an electrifying main event. Defending 2023 SNX World Champion Aki Pihlaja delivers a solid performance along with the first round winner in Turkiye Magnus Reiten. On the other side, Defending WSNX World Champion Malene Cottew dominated her Qualifying Heats while MIkalsen wins the FIM Europe SNX Europea Qualifying Heat.

FIM Snowcross World Championship Qualifying Heats

Qualifying 1 – Group 1:

Local hero Aki Pihlaja felt the full force of home support as he navigated the challenging course. The crowd’s enthusiasm seemed to propel him forward, despite facing stiff competition. However, the real drama unfolded in the fight for second place, where riders engaged in a fierce battle for position, but it was Emil Hanson who came out t be the best of the rest in second position.

Qualifying 2 – Group 1:

It was not as easy for Pihlaja in the second race as he got pushed by Hansson. Kristoffer Holm faced a setback right from the start as his sled stalled in the first corner, putting him at a disadvantage early on. Meanwhile, Pihlaja found himself under pressure to defend his leading position, with Emil Hansson relentlessly pushing from behind. The battle between Phjala and Haanson intensified, but it was in the end advantage to the defending champion Pihlaja once again.

Qualifying 1 – Group 2:

The fight for second place took center stage in Group 2, as riders vied for position on the challenging course. Despite the competition, Magnus Reiten managed to dominate the session with Martin Johansson managing to maintain his position in second place.

Qualifying 2 – Group 2:

The second qualifying session in Group 2 mirrored much of the same intensity and competition seen in the first session with the same front two riders. With two riders coming out really on top it will be an interesting final day of racing as both group will join for an amazing day of competition.

Last Chance: 

Holm seized the holeshot and led with greatdetermination to guarantee his spot-on Sunday. Behind him, Virmakoski, Aitto-oja and Rissanen all took their chances to join the final Sunday racing too.



FIM Women’s Snowcross World Championship Qualifying Heats

Group 1 – Qualifying 1:

Despite being sick, Malene Cottew put on a stellar performance in the first qualifying session. Her dominance on the track was evident as she navigated the course with precision and speed, setting an impressive pace despite her physical discomfort.

Group 1 – Qualifying 2:

The second qualifying session for Group 1 unfolded with a sense of déjà vu as Malene Cottew continued to assert her dominance. Despite the best efforts of her challengers, the order remained unchanged, with Cottew once again leading the pack with authority and Forsell going second. Hometown favourite Saga Forsell, who leads her Finnish national championship, added to the excitement for home fans with two excellent second places and a good spot tp make it count on Sunday.

Group 2 – Qualifying 1:

Wilma Jonsson emerged as the standout performer in the first qualifying session for Group 2. Jonsson showcased exceptional skill and speed, crossing the finish line with a significant lead over her rivals. However, the session was not without its share of challenges, as Kelly Collier sustained an injury to her thumb during the race.

Group 2 – Qualifying 2:

The intensity heightened in the second qualifying session for Group 2 as Jenny Lundrstöm made a daring move to overtake Wilma Jonsson. Despite Jonsson’s relentless efforts to reclaim her position, Lundrstöm held her ground, leaving Jonsson trailing behind as she pushed hard but ultimately fell short of regaining her lead.



FIM Europe Snowcross European Championship Qualifying Heats

In the European SNX class it was Emil Mikalsen and Mille Andersson who came out on top of their respective Qualifying Heat. Close seconds in each group were two local riders, Atte Vanhatalo and Vaino Lehtonen. Being the first races on Sunday, the ESNX riders will have to make sure they are ready from the get-go and ready to take on the challenging snow track.


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TIMETABLE (Local Timing UTC +3)

SUNDAY: 09:30 European Championship Final 1, 10:40 European Championship Final 2, 13:10 Women’s World Championship Final 1, 13:50 World Championship Final 1, 14:50 Women’s World Championship Final 2, 15:30 World Championship Final 2.

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